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Jun 27, 2023

It's normal for you to feel apprehensive when you want to raise your prices or implement significant changes in your wellness business. This fear may stem from concerns about losing clients or receiving pushback from them.

However, overcoming this fear is crucial, as taking action can ultimately help build confidence...

May 17, 2023

Interested to hear what it's like in the Business (R)Evolution Academy?

Listen in to my interview with Darcy and Brandon - who are right in the thick of BRA and share their experience so far.

They share their stories, "AHA!" moments, why they joined, and what they've gotten out of the program so far.

There's so many...

Dec 23, 2022

Do you have an end of year ritual to help you learn from the past year?

In this quick bonus episode of the The Business (R)Evolution Podcast, Joanna goes over her end of year ritual to ensure she learns form the past year's lessons and takes that into the coming year.

Join Joanna as she discusses the steps she takes and...

Nov 8, 2022

While the popular adage says “It’s business, not personal”, the truth is that business is personal. Our livelihoods are connected through work, and our businesses are an extension of who we are as people. There is no one right way to create an antiracist business, but creating a business culture with shared values...

Nov 1, 2022

You can save a lot of time by harnessing the power of automation in your business. Most of the business tasks you do manually can be automated to save time and make the process much smoother for your clients.


Gabrielle Chipeur is a Marketing Automation Specialist, author, award-winning designer, and multiple business...